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Non Geographic Telephone Numbers

Attract Clientele From A Wider Geographical Area

One thing that holds many businesses back is their phone number. If you have a very specific area code, then there is a possibility that clients outside of this area may be less inclined to take the leap and get in touch with you.

Alternative Communication Systems offer a very simple and cost-effective route around this – simply masking your telephone number with a different one. Whether you are looking to offer your clients a freephone option, or would like to target specific regions with virtual business numbers, our team in Oxfordshire can assist you with the setup of these.

Choose From A Range Of Effective Options:

  • 0800 – Freephone numbers are popular because the caller is not charged for the call, the owner of the number is. This has significant marketing benefits, overcoming cost as a barrier to calling – often leading to more inbound leads and sales
  • 0845 & 0844 – The 0845 and 0844 numbers are often used by organisation so as not to disclose a specific geographic location in a number or to indicate a regional or national presence
  • 0870 – 0870 numbers are often used by organisations to provide customer service and support lines
  • 03 – 03 numbers cost the caller the same as calls to geographic numbers but offer an alternative in format
  • International numbers – Alternative Communication Systems provide a range of international number solutions. These include international freephone numbers and local international numbers, routed to another UK line
  • Virtual business numbers – UK virtual business numbers can be used to indicate one geographic telephone code, even if the final receipt of the call is in another geographic location

Not sure what the best option is for your business? Why not contact our friendly team in Oxfordshire and discuss the pros and cons of each solution.

"Alternative Communications have always been extremely competitive with their pricing and prepared to go that extra mile, working for example evening and weekends to meet very tight deadlines. They provide a high quality service. I thoroughly recommend them"
Matthew Ingall
Headteacher, Bloxham Primary School
Want to quickly expand your potential customer base? Invest in a non-geographic phone number from Oxfordshire's Alternative Communication Systems.
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